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Gary Olsen

Gary Olsen

Co-Business Owner
Gary has been in or around real estate since the mid 1990's, having started his real estate career in Aspley. Gary was involved in developing, buying and selling real estate personally, until 2006, when Gary & Kim decided to buy their first real estate office. Within 2 years they had grown to 3 offices with 51 staff.

Gary, along with his wife Kim own and operate the business and work as a husband and wife team, with a sole focus on selling and managing properties for their valued clients. Gary believes hard work is the key to success, but also understands that doing something a certain way, just because that's the way it has always been done, is not necessarily the way forward.

Richardson & Wrench has been in existence since 1858 and has always prided itself on having the best reputation in real estate. A bold claim, but one that we strive to protect and live up to.

Having always looked for ways to do things better lead Gary to develop a unique property management service offering. Instead of charging an all-encompassing fee, Gary worked out it was fairer and more transparent to charge a low baseline fee of 4% + GST and have a fee for service structure, whereby the client was charged only when the certain services were rendered. This type of service holds the agency to account and provides for more transparency around our services and at the same time provides a savings to our clients without sacrificing service.

Technology plays an important role in real estate, so much more than it used to, which has facilitated streamlining and automation of certain tasks, allowing property managers to focus on the important elements of managing a property and developing relationships with owners and tenants.

One of the most notable benefits of embracing technology are the efficiencies and cost reductions to an agency, which is why we can pass on these savings to our clients. Open and honest service is key to us and if we can function and provide a service without the usual high fees, then it more equitable for all.

Gary has always provided a safe and sensible approach to property management and now has never been a more important time to have someone with emotional maturity and depth of knowledge and experience on your side.

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