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When Kim started her new real estate business with Richardson&Wrench she had in mind to establish a model that was a departure from the norm, but one that represented the future of real estate.
Richardson&Wrench Clayfield do not operate from a physical office and since starting her business Kim has done so successfully. As Kim Olsen- Principal sees it, "we meet buyers at property and meet owners in their homes or in coffee shops, where they feel more comfortable and relaxed." The modern face of real estate is conducted out in the field, not in the back of real estate offices. If you have a phone and a laptop and printer, you can be just as effective as any sales person sitting in an office.
Kim chose Clayfield to set up her new business as her family have strong ties to the community and it is where her family lives. Kim's children have all attended the local state school and have many close relationships with many of the residents. Clayfield Real Estate and surrounding areas is where Kim loves to work and enjoys working with residents to achieve the best possible result. 
R&W Clayfield prides itself on the level of service they provide and prefer quality over quantity when it comes to the number of listings they manage at any given time. Kim believes every owner deserves to be treated as if they are the only property being sold, not just one of many, and as for buyers, we believe they need to be treated with respect and afforded the same level of service as our owners receive. 
As a resident in the area Kim has a vested interest in ensuring Richardson&Wrench Clayfield conducts our business with the utmost integrity and provide a service that is world class. 

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P.O. Box 393

Clayfield QLD 4011

Phone: 0413 539 865

Fax: (07) 3054 6668


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8:30am - 5:00pm 
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